I want to start by saying “Thank You” to all the couple who asked me to photograph and be a part of their wedding day.

Over the last week, I’ve been putting together a shortlist of my favourite portraits and moments of 2018. As you’ll see, it’s quite a long list!

So many stand out moments and I’ve loved the process of going though each wedding. I started last years ‘best of’ with a candid shot and I wanted to start his one with a stunning portrait photo in West Cork. One of my favourite locations and pictures. I love the drama of a wide scenic shot.

And there are plenty of candid photos too. One of my favourites is of Siobhan, John and a crowd of guests watching the rugby in one of the hotels guest rooms.

For those of you that like slideshows, follow the link below. Once again, song courtesy of Anthony O’Dwyer. Cheers bro.


I hope you enjoy the look back as much as I have and I can’t wait for this year to kick off!