What a year! Lets chalk that one down as being one to beat…

It’s in January that us photographers get a chance to sit down and take a breather. Time to look back at the year. Ok, it’s not January anymore but it takes a while to put something like this together.

So I’ve made a mix tape of what wedding photography means to me. This blog is not just pictures of my amazing couples, it’s about the emotion of the day, the sheer excitement, the little moments, the craziness and the LOVE. Lots of love.

The first picture always makes me smile and for the sake of this post he’s shouting LOOK AT THIS AWESOME BLOG!..

For those of you that prefer slideshows, follow the link below. Song courtesy of Anthony O’Dwyer. Cheers bro.


A massive THANK YOU to all my couples. For asking me to photograph your wedding and for letting me be a part of your day. I hope to see some of you soon.